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I've heard it has been said many times that kids don't come with instruction manuals. That doesn't change as our children get older. After many years of advocating for my son, Charles, we have entered the uncertain world of transition. This is the time when you realize the school bus will stop coming and the law decides, for better or worse, your child is an adult. Along the way, Charles has also begun to learn to advocate for himself, which is great because as he prepares for the next phase of his life he will need to learn to just like his peers. We've created this site to hopefully help others learn from us and know they aren't alone as we navigate the maze toward adulthood. 


Publications and Books

Books on transition can be found in many places and on many topics. Our publications and books page may help the search for a book on a certain topic.


​Support Groups

Life is tough on all of us. And with developmental disabilities, it may be more or less difficult navigating life at times. Our support groups pages will show a list of available support groups locally.

Higher Education 

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Life is a thing for which all people must experience. It may seem scary when one first starts out, but our everyday life page can help with any aspect of it.

Because the bus will stop coming...       

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